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Founded in May 2013, Primaltrust is defining the evolutionary practice of Whole Health Healing. We believe all individuals are ultimately responsible for the landscape of their lives, by making moment-to-moment choices, creating patterns and trends.

Through workshops and individual/group consultations, we reveal the tight coupling between feeling connected (to self, others, something greater); human centered care (food, drink, play, sleep, sexuality, curiosity, movement); meaning & purpose (spirituality); work/life balance; and surroundings (workspace, home). With our deep understanding of and respect for metaresearch, food history, nutrition and its effects on the body, physiology, trial and error, and the psychology of change, Primaltrust teaches an enriched way of being.

Primaltrust starts with understanding and changing yourself — then, sustaining your true self in a relationship (between), in a modern family and village (among), and in a world without limits (beyond).

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Dawn Irene Aragón, PhD

Dawn has devoted most of her life to helping and teaching others. For 17 years, Dr. Aragón worked as a Behavioral Health Psychologist for the Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center, where she provided direct clinical service to patients and caregivers via compassionate behavior change methods.

Dawn has useful experience and academic training in conflict resolution, mind-body-spirit (human-being) strategies for healing, Whole Health coaching, integrated care for smoking cessation, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), team-based care for people with end-stage cancer, the benefits of adaptive sports, managing suicidal behaviors, applied ethics, and the service of dying with dignity.

An active and certified Dharma Yoga and AcroYoga teacher (iRONFAERY), Dawn stays true to disciplined self-reinventing practices. She spends honored personal time in awe of her young son, Elan.

Gregory John Bartlett, SM

Greg is a true Renaissance Man, fueled by two M.I.T. engineering degrees. A Hughes Scholar and founding member of the M.I.T. Media Lab, Mr. Bartlett has worked as a shoe repairman, construction worker, recording engineer, teacher, publisher, inventor, liquorist, ethnobotanist, food historian, herbalist, business consultant, entrepreneur, project manager, and solar/hydroelectric power plant developer. He is strategic thinker on a grand scale, elegantly solving problems using his cross-disciplinary knowledge, experience, and understanding.

Greg is a published author, speaker and lecturer, has been interviewed by both the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, and has international acclaim in China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Europe and Africa.

In his joy-filled personal time, he raises two teenagers, Augie and Rusha, and performs as a singer-songwriter (Leather Souls).

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